PREVIEW: Lost City Winter Series #4

Lost City Winter Series

Have another two weeks already come and gone?  Well, I guess that means it’s time for another entry in our Lost City Winter Series!  Tonight is the fourth show in the series, and it appeals to the lighter side of things.  Come on down to the Dragonfly Lounge for four great acoustic-inspired performances.  Read on below to see exactly what you’ll be getting for a measly $5 cover.

$5 Cover, 21+, Music at 9:00PM.
The Dragonfly Lounge
401 E. Washington
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Part II: Ben Schapiro’s 617-797-5411 Updated

For those of you who haven’t already checked out Ben Schapiro’s excellent album “617-797-5411” (stream it above or click below for more info), we’ve got another great reason to check it out.  This incredibly intimate album has recently been updated to include Part II, which adds five new songs recorded this summer since the original release of the album.  The album also updates a few earlier recordings.  Physical copies coming soon.

“617-797-5411” is an intimate glimpse into the soul and psyche of Ben Schapiro, one of Madison’s best-loved underground musicians.  Before leaving Madison for parts unknown, Ben was a staple of Madison’s house show scene, often as part of the band Dirty Jive.  The album shows Ben’s skill and craftsmanship on the acoustic guitar without ever abandoning the delicacy and honesty of his poetry.


William Z. Villain Post First Acoustic Demos

William Z. Villain, the first endeavor for Madison-based multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Cameron since the 2010 separation of the band Fishhooks, has just released their first acoustic demos.  Calling them the “Hideout Demos,” the release consists of four solo acoustic versions of songs normally performed as a full band.

Stream the demos above for free, or purchase them directly from the band.

New Release: Myles Coyne – I Love You mom

Myles Coyne has been a friend of the label for a long time. For a while in 2009, he was a member of Pushmi-Pullyu, helping shape the future of the band. He’s also a member of several Milwaukee-based bands, including Animals in Human Attire (whose sampler we released), Temple, Myles Coyne & the Rusty Nickel Band and DW & Co. (who put a track on our 200th release). After we met, he went on to create the Bread King collective, a small group of Milwaukee bands doing DIY releases.

“I Love You Mom” is a lo-fi acoustic folk EP recorded live in Myles’ bedroom as a gift for his mom. Today, the day after Valentine’s Day, we offer this EP to you (minus one track too special for release).