mam230 – Ben Schapiro – 617-797-5411

If you know Ben Schapiro, you know he’s a dear friend to many.  His curiosity and intimacy make their way into his music every step of the way.  The result is 617-797-5411, an incredibly real and personal album.  Mine All Mine is proud to welcome Ben Schapiro.

Now updated with Part II for free.
Brian McGuire recorded and edited tracks from “Part II.”

Part I:
01. I Know You/Meditating
02. Lake Michigan
03. Forget the Old Time, Way
04. Lonesome Howl
05. Admit Mistakes
06. Thrive
07. Find the Idea
08. Dirty Friend
09. Hey Rich White Man
10. Privileged Stranger
11. You Said
12. Free City Youth
13. Improvisation
14. Family Vacation
15. Sidewalk to the Sky

Part II:
16. Wander in, Fuller Dream
17. Man Without a Home
18. Wonder Shared
19. I am Whole
20. Expanding Mind

Release Date:
30 June 2012

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