mam222 – Cribshitter – Mint Car

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Madison’s only absurdist rock super-group Cribshitter (self-proclaimed as “one of America’s most talented and versatile musician/entertainers”) dig out their own niche with equal doses of musical proficiency, bizarre concepts and potty humor. The band is consistently genre-defying, and their dedication to the goof is unwavering. “Mint Car” features mostly-new material (plus a few #1 hits) designed specifically for your station wagon, Sony Walkman™ and/or Tiger Delux Talkboy™.  Expect country, dubstep, make-out tunes and more.

Editor’s Note:
Limited run of 40 bright orange cassette tapes. 20 minutes per side. Hand-numbered by an Icelandic infant named Dagbjart.

Diaper Daniels – guitars, singing, keys, many things
Danika – tuba, singing
Don Rubbish – bass, singing
Count Bassy – bass, singing
The Fucking Lion – drums
Spice Rack – guitar
Rusty Cottonmouth – Pedal steel

All songs recorded & mixed by Klobba Traxx at The Orthtenson Ranch. Copyright 2012, Medicated G Records in coordination with Mine All Mine Records.

Track List:
01. Mint Car
02. Crazy Boobies
03. Nicky Phonehome
04. Jared is Different Around Girls
05. Whippin’ Shitties
06. Under the Covers
07. Wanna French?
08. Kick Chad’s Head
09. The Genius of Jack LaDelle
10. Boom Goes the Vaginamite
11. Let’s Drink Drinks
12. Thinking To Myself
13. The Man Has Everything
14. Wedding Supply Truck Driver
15. War Torn Vaginer
16. Never Again

Release Date:
1 May 2012

Download Options:
Purchase (Bandcamp – $6 Minimum)
Purchase (Bandcamp w/ bonus tracks – $6 Minimum)


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