The Dragonfly Lounge (So Far)

Photo by Roy Dean Miller.

Photo by Roy Dean Miller.

As you may know, we’ve recently begun working closely with Madison’s newest venue, the Dragonfly Lounge.  Located below the beautiful Bellini Italian Restaurant (401 E. Washington), Dragonfly has been a small space for private events since Bellini was converted from a church (built in 1897) into one of Madison’s finest Italian restaurants.  Now, the space serves as an intimate venue, and Mine All Mine has partnered with Dragonfly to fill the space.  So far, our winter series has shown that Madison is more than ready to support a new venue with friendly faces.

Read on below for videos and photos from our launch party (Pioneer, Pushmi-Pullyu, Ugly Brothers and Lovely Socialite), as well as live audio featured on WORT 89.9FM (Cap Alan, Golden Donna and Lovely Socialite).  At the end, grab some info on booking with Mine All Mine at the Dragonfly Lounge, as well as our upcoming shows (see the sidebar to the right).

* * *

The following videos were filmed by Kieran Conor Furey-King at our winter series launch party.  We were delighted by both the turnout and Kieran’s eagerness to film some of our acts.  Check out the full set of live videos here, or check out selected videos below.

You can also view a whole slew of photos from the night by Heidi E. Johnson (of bell monks) by visiting her flickr here.

* * *

After our successful launch party, Jim Goronson of WORT 89.9FM Madison was nice enough to come record audio for his program at the next show, featuring Cap Alan (their 2nd performance ever), Lovely Socialite and Golden Donna.  Clips from the show, as well as info about the winter series, appeared on his show the following week.  Below, you can stream or download the full, un-cut sets on our soundcloud.  Alternately, download the live tracks here on

* * *

All in all, we’ve seen an incredibly successful start to our relationship with the great folks at Dragonfly Lounge (the Isthmus Daily Page even wrote about us!).  Lots of hard work (particularly from Corey) and great support from our artist-friends has paid off, but we’re not done yet!  In the coming months, expect a ton more Wisconsin artists – including Butt Funnel, Fambly Fun!, Cribshitter, Chants, Dirty Jive, Another Exoneration, Temple, Myles Coyne & the Rusty Nickel Band, Pushmi-Pullyu – as well as traveling bands – including Young Jesus (& others to be confirmed).

Interested in booking with Mine All Mine?  Email John or Corey with “Booking” somewhere in the subject line.  We’re also interested in having people come document our shows in any way.  Come film, take photos, record – whatever! – but send us your documentation, and we’ll work something out.

See you soon at the Dragonfly Lounge!


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