Mine All Mine Records Shop & Distro Update: 7/13

Mine All Mine Records Shop!

Today, we’ve finally added some things to the Mine All Mine Records shop that have been inexplicably waiting.  Check out the shop here, or read on for all the new products being offered.

Weather Duo – from field to platter (Self-Released, CD, $10)
The full-length Weather Duo album From Field to Platter was recorded in early 2011, and is available now!

Animals In Human Attire – s/t (Bread King, CD, $8)
Animals In Human Attire is a muti-member Indie Rock band from Milwaukee, WI.  This is their first full-length album.

Nathan Watson / The Amber Tapes – Double Release (Against It, CD, $5)
This CD contains two 6-track mini post-rock albums by UK artists Nathan Watson and The Amber Tapes.

Evolv – Thoughtless Thoughts (MAM/FTR, Limited Edition CD-r, $5)
This release features ten tracks of minimalist electronic post-rock and ambient sounds.  This limited edition CD-r version released by Frozen Tendrils Records and distributed by Mine All Mine Records.


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