Interview: Artist Joe Ludwig

Joe Ludwig may not be a name that a lot of you know, but if you follow Mine All Mine Records, you’ve seen his work.  Joe graciously donated the art you see above for our Umbrella compilation, which was sold to raise money for SlaveFree Madison back in December.  He also created the artwork for the poster, and soon, his work will be featured on the cover of Fambly Fun!’s new album, The Machine.  Our resident interviewer Ben Schapiro sat down with Joe earlier this year.  Read the full interview below, and look for more of Joe’s work soon.
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Buzz: Fourteen Twentysix on (dis)PERSE

Fourteen Twentysix recently sat down with (dis)PERSE for this lengthy interview.  Read the full interview here, and make sure to look for the Mine All Mine Records plug.

New Release – dné

In 2009, Mine All Mine Records described Prague’s dné as ambient and folky, and totally kick-ass. In the two years since we released his debut EP, Talking With Crayons, dné has only gotten better. As he readies his upcoming debut full-length, dné is teaming up with Mine All Mine Records once again to offer a single EP with a twist. In “Reading Lyrics Aloud Means Singing,” dné enlisted the help of three other artists to remix the same track, with the caveat that the artists must provide their own lyrics. Thus, these tracks use dné’s original work as a building block.


New Release: Animals In Human Attire Sampler

This week, Mine All Mine Records brings you (in collaboration with the Bread King Collective) a three-track sampler for Animals In Human Attire’s upcoming full-length album.  Animals In Human Attire are an ungodly band bringing you folk-infused indie rock straight out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Definitely check this out.


Fambly Fun! Mentioned In The Onion A.V. Club. Twice!

This week, Mine All Mine Records’ hip-hop act Fambly Fun! was mentioned on the Onion A.V. Club website twice!  First, they talked about the flier for Fambly Fun!’s upcoming show with Truck$top Girlfriend that had to be taken down from facebook.  Then, they posted an article based on hip-hop side projects in the Madison area, focused on Fambly Fun! and Truck$top Girlfriend.

Catch both bands mentioned at The Frequency in Madison next week Wednesday.

News: (Minor) Name Change

In the past, we’ve been known strictly as mine, all mine! records.  I was extremely fussy about the particulars, including the abbreviation of mam!records.

I’ve come to see that on average, people have problems with these names – and perhaps rightfully so.  People have problems not capitalizing the name, particularly at the beginning of a sentence.  They also have issues remembering where the punctuation should go, as well as what exactly the punctuation is.  What we end up with is a strange mishmash of ways to write the label name, which ultimately causes issues for people trying to find and/or talk about us.

To remedy this (and with great pains), we are officially changing the name to the simpler Mine All Mine Records.  All words are now capitalized normally, and the punctuation is gone for good.  As for the abbreviation – well, that’s not so simple.  There happen to be other labels with the abbreviation M.A.M. Records (or something similar).  As far as I know, none of them are huge, but I also don’t want people looking for us and finding them, or vice versa.  For now, we will stick with the abbreviation mamrecords (which is similar to our old mam!records), but if you have better ideas you’re free to use them.

These changes will be slowly rolling out, so you might see the old versions of the name in use in some places (particularly if we’re slow to change logos).  There’s also the issue that facebook does not currently allow for name changes on pages with greater than 100 connections.  We don’t want to abandon you all there, so until facebook realizes how dumb their current policy is, we’ll be using the old naming convention there.

~John & co.