Celebrating 2011

The year 2011 was an important one for Mine All Mine Records.  Over the course of a year, we have released nearly 60 albums, EPs and singles, we have raised money for multiple non-profits, we have begun booking shows at the DragonFly Lounge, and much more!

To celebrate, we are setting free five releases from 2011 that were previously not available for free download.  For the next week, you can download the following five albums and EPs absolutely free!  You can still visit the download page to send some money to the artist(s), but for now, this is our gift to you.  Continue below for descriptions and download links.

EDIT: No longer available.

Originally given away as a mini-CDr accompanying physical copies of John Praw’s self-titled album, “John Praw: Bonus Dronus” features two droning ambient pieces that were cut from the original album.

EDIT: No longer available.

Lovely Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps made their recorded debut with the Debutante EP.  Over the past year, Lovely Socialite has quickly become a staple of both Madison’s experimental and jazz scenes.  Sales of this EP helped fund their upcoming full-length album.


Originally devised as the soundtrack to a hypothetical sequel to Space Jam, The Machine became an obsession for Fambly Fun! for nearly a year.  This album is the Fambly’s take on a hip-hopra, narrated by Art Paul Schlosser.

EDIT: No longer available.

Tom Teslik has been writing songs in Molene, IL and Madison, WI for years.  Previously of Meteorade and currently of Pushmi-Pullyu, Tom Teslik released his “It’s On The Sleeve EP” at a massively successful show at the DragonFly Lounge in the later part of 2011.


Madison/Milwaukee band Six-Gun Rhythm, featuring the Shah brothers (of Ugly Brothers) and Shane Timm, released their debut EP, full of folk-influenced rock that ranges from rocket fuel to sing-a-long.  This was one of our latest releases this year (just before Christmas), and it serves as a semi-preview of the Ugly Brothers’ music coming in 2012.


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