bell monks: New Release & Year-Long Project

Mine All Mine Records is proud to announce a unique new partnership with bell monks.  Along with our re-release of bell monks’ 2010 album “lullabies” (which you can download here), we will be bringing you brand new material from the band each and every month.

On the 15th of each month, bell monks will present a streaming teaser, and on the last day of every month, Mine All Mine Records will release a complete bell monks package, featuring two new tracks, photography and video.  And best of all, every package will be completely free to download!

Again, you can download and comment on “lullabies” here, and listen to this month’s teaser below.  Check back soon for the first package from bell monks.

News: Sam Thomas Signs To Just Music

Mine All Mine Records is proud to announce that Sam Thomas – whose Continuous Soundtrack we released back in July – has recently signed to UK label Just Music.  You can read more about Just Music and their awesome artists here.  This is certainly an exciting move forward in Sam’s career, and we’re happy to have had him with us.

As part of this process, Sam is getting the opportunity to re-record and release Continuous Soundtrack as part of a whole new album.  To facilitate Sam’s transition to Just Music (and so that Sam can offer the very best he can), we will be retiring our previously released version of the Continuous Soundtrack.

Out of respect for the music and our listeners, we are giving you all one last chance to download Sam’s excellent work before he moves on to bigger and better things.  You can download it here until 4 PM CST (GMT -6) tomorrow, Friday. [UPDATE: The time has passed.  Thanks for all of those who downloaded it in the last day.]

Best wishes to Sam in his future endeavors,
John Praw & co.

P.S.  If you want more of Sam’s excellent work, he’s part of the band Saiga, whose debut EP you can download for free here.

Contest: Free “Lighttown Closure” CDs

Our friends Fourteen Twentysix are running a promotion where you can win a physical copy of Lighttown Closure (which we also released on the site back in April).  All you have to do is “Like” the band on Facebook by clicking here.

Right now, the 260th, 280th and 300th people to “Like” the band page will win a free physical copy of the album, as well as an exclusive bonus track download.

It’s as easy as that!  Also, don’t forget that the deadline for remixing tracks off this very album is October 20th!  Enter the contest here. You can win even MORE prizes.

Update: Fira Fem (mam132)

If you downloaded Fira Fem’s new release in the first week it was up, please download it again.  We accidentally uploaded the old masters, which omitted an entire track.  Download it again to hear the EP in its full glory, as well as the extra track, “Just Over You.”  We apologize for any inconvenience.


New Release: Fira Fem

This week’s new release is the long-awaited EP by Spanish artist Fira Fem, titled Mascot Humans Disco.  If you like any of the stuff you’ve heard on this label before, you’ve got to check this release out.  Wonderful tunes that sound like a completely new take on the sort of thing done by bands like The Books and Tortoise.


Blog: The Enright House Takes Another Stab At Distance

Fear not, fans of The Enright House!  It seems Mark has been busy lately.  Two days ago, we posted about his excellent track featured in the Beginning, Middle & End trailer (as well as the full film, I believe).  Today, we found a nice little bit of goodness on The Enright House’s website.  Call it a redo, a rehash, a response or whatever, The Enright House is currently giving away a new version of Distance, a song that can be found on this release here.

Get this excellent track now in exchange for a tweet or facebook post by clicking here.