New Release: Dad School – These Don’t Belong To Me

This week, we are proud to present Dad School’s EIGHTH release on Mine All Mine Records.  This time, he covers songs in a way that is strictly his own.  We are very proud to have Dad School as part of our community, and you should too.



New Release: John Praw’s Self-Titled Full-Length

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Written from 2006 to 2011 in Madison & Oconto Falls, Wisconsin and Bø i Telemark, Norway, this is the debut self-titled ambient album by John Praw. Previously recording under the name [praw], “John Praw” is a rebirth for the artist.

Editor’s Note:
Included with all physical copies is an exclusive EP tited “John Praw: Bonus Dronus”, featuring over 23 minutes of bonus material.

These CDs have been lovingly crafted by the team here at Mine All Mine Records. Stream the album above to see if it’s your kind of thing.

Track List:
01. Vokaler
02. O! Sky, O! Sky
03. The Rookie
04. The Speed Of Which Is Undetermined
05. Bjørnøya
06. Bomullspinnar
07. På Jakttur
08. When You Talk About Music
09. Sin Egen Veg
10. New Panic

Release Date:
8 March 2011

Download Options:
Bandcamp ($3 or more)
Physical CD* ($5, plus FREE bonus EP)

* If you purchase the physical CD, Mine All Mine Records will also email you a link to download both the album and the free bonus EP upon processing your order.

bell monks: New Release & Year-Long Project

Mine All Mine Records is proud to announce a unique new partnership with bell monks.  Along with our re-release of bell monks’ 2010 album “lullabies” (which you can download here), we will be bringing you brand new material from the band each and every month.

On the 15th of each month, bell monks will present a streaming teaser, and on the last day of every month, Mine All Mine Records will release a complete bell monks package, featuring two new tracks, photography and video.  And best of all, every package will be completely free to download!

Again, you can download and comment on “lullabies” here, and listen to this month’s teaser below.  Check back soon for the first package from bell monks.

New Release: Given Willingly’s “Confined, Yet We Grow”

Given Willingly is a long-time mam!records member and supporter.  Today, we are proud to bring you his brand new full-length album.  Given Willingly creates music that somehow combines the worlds of audio collage art with vocals that often feel strongly rooted in punk ethics.  Check it out!


Blog: The Enright House Takes Another Stab At Distance

Fear not, fans of The Enright House!  It seems Mark has been busy lately.  Two days ago, we posted about his excellent track featured in the Beginning, Middle & End trailer (as well as the full film, I believe).  Today, we found a nice little bit of goodness on The Enright House’s website.  Call it a redo, a rehash, a response or whatever, The Enright House is currently giving away a new version of Distance, a song that can be found on this release here.

Get this excellent track now in exchange for a tweet or facebook post by clicking here.