mam131 – Given Willingly – Confined, Yet We Grow

Given Willingly is a long-time mam!records member and supporter.  Today, we are proud to bring you his brand new full-length album.  Given Willingly creates music that somehow combines the worlds of audio collage art with vocals that often feel strongly rooted in punk ethics.  “Confined, Yet We Grow” features 15 intricately produced tracks – some instrumental, some not – the last of which is a sprawling collage soundscape.

Editor’s Note:
We’re truly proud and honored to have continued interaction with Given Willingly.  Since he first joined the label a year ago (to the month!), Given Willingly has been listening to releases, creating wonderful new music, and participating like a true pal.  This is our 131st release, and he’s been here since the 32nd release.  Show the guy some love.

Track List:
01.  A Frontyard Full Of Awkward
02.  Der Kurfürst
03.  Shoot The Moon Regeneration
04.  Bamboo
05.  Not Quite Moving Forward Nor Backward And Certainly Not Standing Still
06.  Water & Sleep
07.  Something That Doesn’t Need To Be Done But Is Still Done For The Sake Of Doing
08.  Young Suns
09.  Redeeming Quantities
10.  The Re-Evolution Of Dinosaur Traits
11.  A Touch That Breathes
12.  All In The Name Of Summer
13.  Try To Return
14.  Confidants, Yet We Grow Apart
15.  Kites

Release Date:
29 September 2010

Download Options:
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10 thoughts on “mam131 – Given Willingly – Confined, Yet We Grow

  1. this is superb – it’s all over the place, which is a good thing. the mixture of styles is super creative. there’s really something for everyone. thanks for this great release!

  2. Thank you Ryan,1426 (Chris) & Tom,
    I love you all so much for taking the time to listen to this and write those nice comments.

    Yes, the release is all over the place because that’s the kind of music I tend to like the most. GW has become a vehicle for pretty much all my musical output except for the metal and hardcore aspect. I’m glad you enjoy it!

    Ryan: Of course I’d be stoked to have the album reviewed a) because as an artist I basically feed on… well feedback^^ and b) I really suck at promoting my music :)

    Thanks & Love to you all,

  3. hi again – we’re finally getting around to it! this album will be reviewed at critical masses on april 7. i’ll post a link on the facebook page when it’s up.

    the more i listen to it, the more i dig it. good stuff.

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