mam141 – Joram Feitsma – Perdix Themes

After his stunning introduction to our community – a release from earlier this year called An Aesthetic Voyager – Joram Feitsma returns with another set of minimalist piano pieces.  Perdix Themes collects three expertly composed pieces into one tight package.  Clocking in at around twelve minutes, Perdix Themes will leave you wanting more.

Editor’s Note:
This release has been delayed a bit for various reasons (none of them being Joram), but I am extremely happy to set this EP free at last.  These songs really fit into a realm of their own.

Album art by Ludo Vanroy.

Track List:
01.  Perdix Theme no. I
02.  Perdix Theme no. II
03.  Perdix Theme no. III

Release Date:
18 November 2010

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
FLAC (Direct)


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