mam093 – Electric Sea Spider – The Thief

Electric Sea Spider makes his long-awaited return to mam!records with this amazing set of electronic tracks. Often mixing trip-hop, ambient and idm sounds, Electric Sea Spider has created an album that will keep you hitting repeat.

Editor’s Note:
We are very happy to have this new full-length from Electric Sea Spider as part of the mam!records catalog.  He’s made some truly enjoyable tunes for all of us to hear.  Please share this with your friends if this is your kind of thing.

Track List:
01.  Rico’s Theme
02.  And Start West
03.  The Looming Alleys
04.  Chinatown
05.  Snowfield
06.  Augustus Sebastian The Murderer
07.  Stethoscope
08.  Tear
09.  Arrowfrog
10.  Yolk (Cut Up Sounds From ’66)
11.  Rubik’s Cube
12.  Mollusk

Release Date:
11 December 2009

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
MP3 (Torrent)


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