New Video & Single: Dressed Up

Dressed Up is the new solo side-project of Pushmi-Pullyu’s John Praw. He creates crunchy lo-fi sounds within a digital environment. This single marks the first official release by the project and features a remix by Brain Grimmer (of Lovely Socialite, Brothers Grimm), as well as a B-side titled Nobody But Batman. Watch the official music video below.

Catch the live debut of Dressed Up this Thursday, March 8th at the Dragonfly Lounge!



New Release: 20 July 2010


This week, we bring you a new release by a new artist (new to us, at least).  Swin Deorin comes to mam!records for the first time with Droloinh, a noisy, experimental take on breakcore / dark idm.

You can check out his myspace page for plenty of other great releases on other great labels.

There will also be another new release soon from Eurasia., though some slight technical difficulties have delayed it until Friday (if not earlier).