mam104 – Amy Hiller – The Made Up EP

mam104 - Amy Hiller - The Made Up EP

Amy Hiller‘s debut solo EP is finally here, and boy does it ever deliver!  Filled with laid-back, glitched-out experimental trip-hop sounds, Amy’s sound is definitely unique.  Her EP sounds like someone remaking the Mona Lisa in collage format – it’s reminiscent of so many things, yet sounds completely unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

This release features Tom Skelton (guitar), Beatoven (bass guitar), Sophie Hiller (flute), Jono Bell (guitar) and artwork by Maia Walczak.

Editor’s Note:
We are really proud to release this EP.  Both of us (Corey and John) fell in love with Amy Hiller’s sound from the day she submitted “So For Now” for our first compilation.  And since then, we’ve been prodding her every now and then, hoping we’d bug her enough to get an EP or something out of her.  And it happened!  Definitely give this a listen, and if you like it, find Amy elsewhere on the web so you can tell her.

If you even remotely liked last week’s “Fully Baked EP” by Beatoven, I think you’ll enjoy this.  The two are certainly not the same, but there is a decidedly shared sensibility here.  Maybe it’s a London thing?

Track List:
01.  Nuddy
02.  Note To Self
03.  Nice Like That
04.  New House
05.  Made Up

Release Date:
18 May 2010

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