mam102 – Beatoven – Fully Baked EP

mam102 - Beatoven - Fully Baked EP

Beatoven comes to mam!records with his debut release, the Fully Baked EP.  Six tracks blending electronics, clarinet and vocals with great beats, and it’s totally free.  This is a release we’ve been waiting a long time for.

Editor’s Note:
If you like what you hear, make sure to check back soon.  Amy Hiller makes a guest appearance on the Fully Baked EP, and we’ll be releasing The Made Up EP by her next week.  Stephen Baxter, the man behind Beatoven, is truly great at what he does, and I hope you take a moment to let him know what you think about this release.  He’s also working with Wild Dogs in Winter on their upcoming LP (we released an EP by them a while back, and it’s still great).  It’s good to see some folks from the UK taking mam!records by storm.

This release also features vocals from Danielle James, who really gives her two tracks a great jazzy feel.

Track List:
01.  Phone Me
02.  I Can Feel It
03.  Deeply Under
04.  The Great Stella Tree
05.  Plunky
06.  Home From Home

Release Date:
11 May 2010

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19 thoughts on “mam102 – Beatoven – Fully Baked EP

  1. I knew this, look at what you did my friend!!
    this is going to be faT!!
    we will be out on the 7th of September!
    talk to you soon!

  2. Huge Ass Review ahead… if this is not the place to post this john, let me know.

    About the Aphex Twin thingy. Yeah sure but I guess every IDM/Glitch artist will sound a tad bit like AT… Just like every Post-Rock band sounds a bit like Explosions In The Sky… and either way it’s an accomplishment in itself to sound like Aphex Twin :D

  3. Okay… so I must admit i recently listened to a complete Tortoise album for the first time (TNT)… and the same day I listened to this EP…
    and there’s virtually no difference in quality. I’m not saying they’re completely alike but there’s some similarities
    in sound and concept (IDM-electro meets acoustic/post-rock). So kudos for the great production.
    Now about the songs themselves.
    I was kinda surprised by the lenghty songs since I was expecting this to
    be a feel-good electronica release with some glitch and acoustic stuff thrown in… but it’s actually more experimental than I thought
    with more than one stab at jazz territory. It’s still got that warm, summerly feeling at times but tracks like “I Can Feel It” are…
    well not really dark, but definetly a bit somber with warm sounds meeting cold, angular percussion and chords tend to drift into (mild) dissonance.
    I’m kinda getting ahead of myself though… Phone me: It’s a bit more according to what I’ve expected though again more serious and mature sounding
    more like afore-mentioned Tortoise than let’s say Dntel. Simple guitars and complex bass lines make for a nice soothing track
    that still surprises with fresh & interesting glitch effects (yes, those yet exist).
    Deeply Under: the first notes sound exactly like what I’d expected from the name but not the artist (I don’t even know where my bias came from).
    Underwater synths meet what sounds like a vibraphone and until the drums come in I can’t help but think of an underwater stage from Mario 64 (there it is:
    Along the way the track transforms into a different beast with lofty strings, jazzy vocals, surprisingly straight-forward drums and (again) amazing bass-lines.
    Track 4, The Great Stella Tree and yeah… now I remember why I expected this to be an all-sunshine record.
    This track sounds the most like Dntel so far, sorry I only bring these 2 artists up they’re just what comes to mind. There’s hints of
    World’s End Girlfriend’s classical meets IDM approach but it’s a lot more restrained and accessible.
    Not much more to say about this track, it’s pretty and charming and makes you wonder what the next 2 songs will have
    in store for you.
    Plunky, again, begins sounding exactly as the name would suggest. Despite being the shortest track it manages to
    show different moods throughout without feeling rushed.
    Home From Home returns to the more experimental sounds of the early track with atonal bells and reverse effects.
    It builds up like a post-rock song until the vocals chime in and turn it into a jazz/trip-hop hybrid par excellence.
    The song meanders without any big surprises but interesting guitar effects and the engaging vocals easily make up for that.
    So that’s Beatoven’s Fully Baked EP. It’s worth every bit of hype I’ve come across so far.
    It sounds inspired, it sounds familiar yet it is a unique experience. Tortoise meets Dntel? There’s definetly more to this
    but even if, would that be such a bad thing?

  4. Other stuff I should probably have mentioned beside Dntel is probably Prefuse 73 and Po.

    Dntel might not even be the closest thing in sound… it’s just what I felt to be close in spirit I guess.

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