mam144 – Fourteen Twentysix – APRX|ETA 02

APRX|ETA 02 is the culmination of months of remix work by dozens of artists.  After culling the many submissions in our remix contest, a clear standout made his way to the top.  With much deliberation, the decision was made to base APRX|ETA 02 on the work of primarily one remix artist.  TechnoBears (Ed Haskins) has been remixing music for over a decade, and it shows.

Included are two wonderful bonus remixes that were just too good to pass up.

Editor’s Note:
Download the original album here. Download APRX|ETA 01 here.

Track List:
01.  After The Storm (TechnoBears Redux)
02.  Closing Hours (TechnoBears Redux)
03.  Gone Today (TechnoBears Redux)
04.  Tonight I (TechnoBears Redux)
05.  Signals In The Sky (TechnoBears Redux)
06.  Descending (TechnoBears Redux)
07.  Lashes (TechnoBears Redux)
08.  White Paint (TechnoBears Redux)
09.  Gone Today (Excessive Gluttony Remix)
10.  Gone Today (OD Remix)

Release Date:
8 December 2010

Download Options:
FLAC (Direct)
MP3 (Direct)


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