OUT TONIGHT: The Fatty Acids’ third full-length album, Boléro.

mam246 - The Fatty Acids - Boléro

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Limited Edition Cassette Tape – Available 9/7: Cassette Store Day

Just in time for the first ever Cassette Store Day, Mine All Mine is happy to present the limited edition tape release of the third full-length album by The Fatty Acids. Boléro is an insane – both in concept and content. On Boléro, The Fatty Acids are half a dozen grown boys making incredibly powerful and inventive pop rock tunes.

Side A starts with the album’s most driving song, Girls and Gods, with clapping and wailing voices that soon give way to an almost ballad-like state, only to morph once again in a bouncy irreverence. Perhaps most interesting are The Fatty Acids’ choices when it comes to melody and harmony – they are legitimately unpredictable yet perfectly understandable.

If you’re interested, grab your copy now! Mine All Mine has very limited quantities of the cassette release. For digital and other physical formats, consult The Fatty Acids directly, who are self-releasing this excellent album with a release show at The Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, WI with Faux Fir and Sat. Nite Duets.

Editor’s Note:
All songs written, recorded and mixed by The Fatty Acids in 2011-13, Mostly in Milwaukee, WI. Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge NYC, assisted by Rich Morales. All songs copyright The Fatty Acids.

Supplementary vocals on “Sportskin” by Monica Martin. Supplementary vocals on “Worst Part” by Joel Van Haren, Molly “Cool Coach” Stepnik and Ben Gucciardi.

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One thought on “OUT TONIGHT: The Fatty Acids’ third full-length album, Boléro.

  1. Loving this album so much! It is super fun and exactly the kind of thing CJSW plays. Could you send one to CJSW for airplay and possible charting?

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