PREVIEW: Lost City Winter Series #3

Lost City Winter Series

It’s been another two weeks, and that means it’s time for the next installment of our Lost City Winter Series.  Tonight, we’ve got a very special show for a number of reasons.  Read on to find out why and get a preview of what’s to come.  Check out the facebook event here for more information.

$5 Cover, 21+, Music at 9:30PM.
The Dragonfly Lounge
401 E. Washington
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Reason #1 this show is special: This will be Lazy Reason‘s final show in Madison before vocalist/guitarist Brittany Lumley moves to Seattle.

Hopefully this doesn’t mean forever, but in the foreseeable future, you won’t get another chance to see Lazy Reason in Madison.  And besides a one-off in Chicago, the group has no other announced shows at this time.  If you miss them, you’re making a mistake.  Lazy Reason is part of a group of bands that made its mark these last few years with a string of well-attended house shows but didn’t necessarily get to many ears outside of that circle.

That is exactly the reason you need to catch Lazy Reason tonight.  The band is made up of stellar performers from bands like SNOUTS, Dirty Jive, Dad Is Mad and more.  Lazy Reason, as a group, has a way of applying jazz skills to very non-jazz scenarios, and you do not want to miss their set tonight.

Reason #2 this show is special: This will be the first Chants show of 2013.

In 2010, Jordan Cohen put together Onlooker, and I was immediately impressed.  The build-up and release in “Black Ants” is worth buying the album alone, and the rest of the album is equally solid.  Last year, he followed it up with his 12″ Night After EP (seen above) and played a series of shows that constantly roped show-goers in.  I remember one particular performance at the Project Lodge when a group of completely non-show-type people walked by the venue, did a double-take, and stopped in for the rest of the night.

Be on the look out for what Cohen will do with Chants in the near future.  Personally, I’m hoping for more jazz-influenced electronics, but I’m open for whatever Cohen has in him.  Tonight is surely just a taste.

Reason #3 this show is special: Awkward Terrible is awesome. And they don’t play Madison as much as you’ll want them to after you’ve experienced them once.

Awkward Terrible comes to us from Milwaukee.  As a label, we’ve collaborated with Awkward Terrible since they were called The Munitionettes (mam158, mam162, mam182).  To simplify things a bit, AT make live chip-tune driven punk.  Their shows are energetic, fun and incredibly awesome.  Expect to see guitars, drums, gameboys and more.


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