mam158 – The Munitionettes – Fast Jurassic

Originally self-released in 2010, Mine All Mine Records is proud to present The Munitionettes’ debut EP, Fast Jurassic.  Formed last year, this Milwaukee-based band creates incredibly danceable punky tunes loaded with chiptune sounds.  Who says you can’t play Game Boy and kick ass at the same time?

Editor’s Note:
We first met The Munitionettes toward the end of last year, and we instantly fell in love with their sound.  Rarely can two guys alone get a packed room rocking the hell out, but these guys do it without fail.  We know this EP is a bit rough at times, but take it as a taste of what’s to come.  The band is currently working on their next release.  Check back later in the year for more from The Munitionettes, and make absolutely sure you don’t miss them live if you’ve got the chance.

Track List:
01.  Introduction To Destruction
02.  The More You Got
03.  It’s Nice To Meet You
04.  Spastic Plastic
05.  Am I Real?
06.  Two Suns
07.  Newborn
08.  Cold

Release Date:
1 February 2011

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
MP3 (Torrent)
FLAC (Direct)
FLAC (Torrent)


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