New Release: Fambly Fun! – The Machine Album Preview

After hours of upload problems, here it is at last, the new release for this week.  check out Fambly Fun!’s album preview in all its experimental hip-hop glory!  This release marks the return of mam!records (online at least – we’ve been very busy in the city of Madison).

This release is offered for ONE WEEK ONLY, so grab it while you can.  As you may notice, the Bandcamp download is set to “name your own price” mode.  This is because Bandcamp now charges its users – that’s right; ad-free streaming for you means artists must pay cash money – so all payments we receive will go toward keeping the free downloads up.



4 thoughts on “New Release: Fambly Fun! – The Machine Album Preview

    • Bandcamp gives all users a set number of free downloads, as well as a set number of download codes, like they did before. New users get less than existing users. Once those downloads are used up, people can only stream from you, unless they pay an amount greater than $0 or use a download code.

      The cost for additional free downloads is the same as for download codes. The best “deal” is 5000 downloads for $75, which we could definitely not afford.

      That’s their blog.

  1. “It’s obviously unfair to burden every Bandcamp artist with the costs of a few outliers giving away hundreds of thousands of free downloads”

    Seems to bandcamp people who give their music away for free (on a site that explicably allows/allowed you to) are bad people and are spoiling the business of those who are serious musician… Really why would ANYONE give away music for free except as a promo for people to buy their stuff?! CAN NOT COMPUTE!

    I mean, I see they have to pay for their bandwith but this will eventually turn it into just another itunes store…

    • The biggest thing they have going for them is that there are no ads. Unfortunately, that business model doesn’t work. They want to force it to work, but that means charging the users, which is a completely bad way to go.

      If they put a couple ads, the site would still be great, and they would probably make a lot of money.

      Luckily, they’ve been talked into refreshing that 200 download number every month, so everyone gets those 200 downloads per month, allowing smaller artists to stay on.

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