mam129 – Fambly Fun! – The Machine Album Preview

After month-long hiatus, mam!records is back with a very special release from Fambly Fun!.  This release features two preview tracks off the upcoming Fambly Fun! album, The Machine.  The Fambly has more experimental hip-hop than ever, and you can expect much more where this came from.  This release is offered for a VERY limited time only.

Editor’s Note:
This release was offered for one week only and is no longer available for download.

Track List:
01.  When I Grow Up
02.  The Machine

Release Date:
15 September 2010


6 thoughts on “mam129 – Fambly Fun! – The Machine Album Preview

  1. I have nothing against name your price downloads but IMHO this sounds like you should maybe find an alternative to bandcamp if there is any… if not they’ve probably become aware of their monopoly…

    Also… I saw I’m next in line. I’m mixing the album tomorrow and you’ll have it friday or earlier. I’ve been lazy but I had my mind on moving to a new apartment.

    Cheers & Glad you’re back,

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