What’s An Album Look Like? (Or: GPSYMTH’s Crazy Pretty Limited Edition Moths)


Those are albums.

More specifically, those are copies of Ripostes by GPSYMTH.  Out today on Stars & Letters, this limited edition of twenty (only 20!) comes in the form of a Madagascan Sunset Moth (Chrysiridia rhipheus) in a 1.25 oz glass vial.  Ripostes comes with immediate download of the album, including bonus remixes by MOTION CTRL and Iglooos.

With the popularity of digital downloads and download codes, almost anything can be an “album.”  What’s important, then, is the artistry.  Stars & Letters have gotten all of that right.  These bottled specimens are honestly beautiful, and Ripostes is an excellent debut for GPSYMTH (read: gypsy moth).

See more shots of the Ripostes Moth in Glass Vial Edition here.  Get your copy here before they’re all gone.  I’ve already snagged mine.