John Praw

John Praw is a Wisconsin-based artist and musician.  His ambient works have been used as the primary soundtrack for the independent film Geister (Germany, 2011), as well as a number of short films.

Available on Mine All Mine:
mam221 – Four Twenty Twenty Twelve (EP, 2012)
mam196 – Ben Willis (EP, 2011)
mam184 – Fireworks (EP, 2011)
mam164 – John Praw: Bonus Dronus (EP, 2011)
mam163 – John Praw (LP, 2011)
mam152 – Split Continents + (Split, 2011)
mam108 – Gate (Split, 2010)




2 thoughts on “John Praw

  1. I jumped on Wikipedia and read the article, but it was a lot like walking through pudding: slow going and afterward I felt kinda dirty.

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