mam120 – Joram Feitsma – An Aesthetic Voyager

mam120 - Joram Feitsma - An Aesthetic Voyager

Joram Feitsma might be one of the newest additions to mam!records, but his sound fits perfectly with old-school releases on this label.  This short EP is a perfect introduction to Joram Feitsma’s ambient compositions.  Three piano-based pieces will leave you a bit sad and longing for more.  These three pieces are perfectly executed, and there’s no fat to cut.  Joram Feitsma gets right to the point.

Editor’s Note:
I can’t tell you how excited I am to have this release join the ever-growing mam!records catalog.  The entire release will take you less than seven minutes to listen to, so give it a try.  After just the first play, this release became one of my personal favorites.  Pay attention to this artist, because there has got to be more great music waiting to come out.

Album art by Ludo Vanroy.

Track List:
01.  Into The Pool
02.  An Aesthetic Voyager
03.  Liber

Release Date:
13 July 2010

Download Options:
FLAC (Direct)
MP3 (Direct)


4 thoughts on “mam120 – Joram Feitsma – An Aesthetic Voyager

  1. 3 pieces very beautiful: they conveyed on my mind a pleasant feeling of mystery. While I was listening to them, I imagined to be in a contemporary art gallery, where strange artworks were talking to me their secrets in a language I don’t know…
    Very good work, Joram!

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