mam123 – Eurasia. – Rʌst

mam123 - Eurasia. - Rast

Another favorite of the label, Eurasia. (aka Mósslonnrós) returns to mam!records for the first time under this moniker.  This time, he’s come with a collection of wonderful piano pieces that range from minimalist to neo-classical.  Rʌ́st is full of remarkably calming compositions.

Editor’s Note:
This is the second release of Lightning Round Week, and it sure is a great one.  We’ve been looking forward to this release for a while, and it’s great to finally get it out there.

This release is highly recommended to those who enjoyed our recent release by Joram Feitsma (and vice versa).

Make sure to check out more of his material on mimi records.

Track List:
01.  Singular
02.  Aspiriminium
03.  Spirinum
04.  Import Act Airport
05.  Xaviestroan
06.  Estranz
07.  I for Rachel
08.  Esperanto
09.  Dusk
10.  N for Someone
11.  Rust
12.  R for Nothing
13.  Prural

Release Date:
3 August 2010

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)


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