mam111 – Wild Dogs in Winter – Powder & Tin

mam111 - Wild Dogs in Winter - Powder & Tin

NOTE: The above stream only features the two remixes.  Please download the full release below.

To celebrate and promote the upcoming release of their new full-length album, Wild Dogs in Winter make their return to mam!records with Powder & Tin, a single featuring remixes by Amy Hiller and Pushmi-Pullyu.  In the single’s title track, Wild Dogs in Winter bring us their signature folky take on shoegaze.  As a bonus, Amy Hiller takes on E-Hu-Li, and Pushmi-Pullyu tears apart the title track.

Editor’s Note:
If you like what you hear here, make sure to check out their upcoming, self-released full-length album.  You should also checkout Beatoven‘s recent EP (he’s part of the band).

Track List:
01.  Powder & Tin
02.  E-Hu-Li (Amy Hiller Remix)
03.  Powder & Tin (Pushmi-Pullyu Remix)

Release Date:
17 June 2010

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FLAC (Direct)
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MP3 (Direct)
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