mam031 – v/a – mine, all mine! records sampler (summer 2008)

Project: mam!restoration

Representing a taste of what mam!records’ artists have to offer, the summer sampler showcases 17 unique sounds. Released in both limited and unlimited quantity versions, the summer 2008 sampler is now offered free online.

Editor’s Note:
The photo above is of the limited edition stenciled physical release.

Track List:
01.  The Belief-Action Nexus – Limberger
02.  Amy Hiller – So For Now
03.  K. Wilhelm – Don’t You Tell Me
04.  He Is Asian – As Far as the Eye Can See
05.  Waltz – Birds Sing in the Halo Garden
06.  [praw] – For The Sunrise Children (Ethan Laughs)
07.  Arafúra – Ouruboros
08.  Signal Kites – Some Swan
09.  Wild Dogs in Winter – Em-inor
10.  On Travel – An Unyielding Trait
11.  Dad School – FM
12.  Kilroy, et al. – Because We Are Always Slightly Behind OUr Heartbeats
13.  A Hawk in the Heavens – Twilight
14.  Kidnapper Bell – The Frequency
15.  The Last March of the Ents – Wolves on 710
16.  Infinitus Ensemble – The Pink Shoes of Johnathan Kruse Are …
17.  ulv – Terrifying Houdini Fog

Release Date:
19 August 2008

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
MP3 (Torrent)


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