mam060 – Kilroy, et al. – Chasing A Ghost

Project: mam!restoration
mam060 - Kilroy, et al. - Chasing A Ghost

Kilroy, et al, an artist who found his way onto the Summer Sampler 2009 if you’ll remember, is finally here with a full release of his own on mam!records. Kilroy, et al offers a combination of folk, electronic, and rock elements that is very promising. Kilroy shows definite influence from such staples as Connor Oberst and Elliot Smith, but he never tries to be them. The track Chasing a Ghost shows how successful experimental approaches to songwriting can really be.

Editor’s Note:
This release is now offered in lossless formats via Project: mam!restoration.

Track List:
01. Introduction
02. All That We Feared
03. Die With Me, My Dear
04. Still In My Head
05. In Time
06. It Still Rings Out/Chasing A Ghost
07. Fade Away
08. Time, Will Get You Every Night

Released Date:
26 November 2008

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
MP3 (Torrent)


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