PREVIEW: Lost City Winter Series #5

2-15-2013 - Cap Alan, Kitty Rhombus, Suns

This week, we’re happy to give you not one, but two installments of our Lost City Winter Series!  For now, let’s focus on Friday, February 15th.  If you’ve seen any of the bands on this bill, you’ll understand why it’s such an exciting line-up.  Read on below for more information on Cap Alan, Kitty Rhombus and Suns.  All of these bands are worth the cost of admission on their own, so don’t miss out.

$5 Cover, 21+, Music at 10:00PM.
The Dragonfly Lounge
401 E. Washington
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To those who don’t know them, good luck finding any information on Cap Alan.  It’s a shame that there’s no web presence for the band (besides maybe this photo set), because through the handful of shows I’ve gotten to see them at, they’ve quickly become one of my favorite Madison live bands.  For the unacquainted, Cap Alan consists of Andrew Fitzpatrick (All Tiny Creatures & Noxroy) and Jeff Sauer (Czarbles), with the recent addition of Thomas Wincek (also of All Tiny Creatures).  They create a shifting array of improvised sounds out of a guitar, drums and a couple keyboards, not to mention piles of pedals and other goodies.  All of the sets I’ve seen have been pretty different, but the way they build their pieces has a very particular energy to it.

Kitty Rhombus is a rock band I’ve known about almost as long as I’ve been in Madison.  Formed in 2007, a big chunk of the band now lives in Minneapolis, but that doesn’t stop them from calling both cities home.  And for a band that has to practice long distance, they keep it together pretty damn well.  Their 2010 album “Lips & Arms,” embedded above, always psychs me up for their shows here in Madison, so check it out.  BONUS: Their interests facebook include “PBR, teleporting” and presumably long walks on the beach.

Chicago-based Suns create “atmospheric rock,” which is a good enough description of them.  This is our second time having them at the Dragonfly Lounge, and we’re all excited that we get another chance to bring them to a Madison crowd.  Suns is perhaps a bit more poppy than Cap Alan or Kitty Rhombus, but it should only serve to round out the evening a bit.  The band likes to rely on “darkness, drunkenness, and desperation,” which all come through in last year’s “When We Were Us.”


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