Blog: el-tin fun Make Kids Have Fun

Back in March, we brought you the Floorboards split between K. Wilhelm and el-tin fun (great friends on the label and in real life). Playing frequent shows around Madison, el-tin fun like to make you have a good time.  And now, they’re working their magic on little kids (video after the break).

el-tin fun record sometimes lo-fi acoustic/electric treasures.  If you have not yet listened the split release mentioned above, go ahead and check it out here (wow – already 29 releases since then??).

Today, this wonderful new video caught my eyes, courtesy the band’s facebook page.  It’s el-tin fun (Jason E. Lambeth and Tom Teslik) playing a live set in a gymnasium as part of the MSCR Super Center Arts Camp.  Their full set was a little longer, but you get the picture from this double A-side video single.

What the video loses in audio quality (hey, they’re playing in a gym with yelling and dancing kids all over the place), it makes up for in charm.

Check it out by clicking here or watching the embedded video above.


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