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BRAIN GRIMMER - I, Nefarious

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Editor’s Note:
Drawing influences from Hip-Hop, Jazz, and World Music, this CD compilation features the producer BRAIN GRIMMER heavily on cello & bass as well as Chinese zithers & lutes to create bizzaro covers and off kilter remixes.

Album art by Erik Dunning.

Released in conjunction with GrimmusiK. For more information, please visit GrimmusiK.

Track List:
01. main title (never stop)
02. crop dance [Wabi Sabi rmx] ft. Brian ‘Tairaku’ Ritchie & Silas Be
03. Babooshka [Bush League presents: Running Up That Hill]
04. Vildgolia (Deaf, Dumb, & Blind) ft. Bashiri Asad, Justin Brewer & Rob Dixon [The Gil Suite EP]
05. Moses Jones Presents… Abominable Heresies
06. a goal that simply cannot be reached [Howe/Dilla/Watts]
07. (it’s over now)
08. Moses Jones Presents… look back & smile (get fresh)
09. “Gauloises?…” (Garçon Slow Jam) [The Baltimore Waltz]
10. “WO IS DEIN BRUDER!?!?” [The Baltimore Waltz]

Release Date:
8 January 2016

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Full Album Details:

All tracks arranged, performed, recorded, produced, mixed & mastered by BRAIN GRIMMER. With exception to: (2) flute & percussion recorded & performed by Brian ‘Tairaku’ Ritchie & Silas Be (4) Vocals – Bashiri Asad, Drums – Justin Brewer, Sax – Rob Dixon, Recording Engineer – Matt Vice, Executive Producer – Davison Robie (6) Vocals – Alan Watts

Instruments performed by BRAIN GRIMMER in addition to electronic production & programing:

(1) contracello (2) circuit bent toy guitar (3) bass guitar, cello, pipa 琵琶, liuqin 柳琴, guqin 古琴, sheng 笙 (4) bass guitar, cello, pipa 琵琶, guqin 古琴, keys (5) bass guitar, keys (6) guqin 古琴 (7) bass guitar, keys/winds (8) bass guitar, keys

(2) originally released 11/2014 on “Tea Life: Wabi​-​Sabi Remixes” by Silas B. Ritchie |
(3) originally released 02/2014 on “Running Up That Hill: Kate Bush Covers for Reproductive Rights” by Various Artists |
(4) originally released 12/2014 on “Bashiri Asad Presents: The Gil Suite” by Bashiri Asad |
(9)(10) originally performed for 2014 Strollers Theatre, Ltd. production of “The Baltimore Waltz” by Paula Vogel at The Bartell Theatre, Madison, WI.

Mechanical Licenses | “I, Nefarious” is sold & distributed with legal permission for the following:

(3) “Babooshka” © 1980 Kate Bush ℗ Screen Gems-Emi Music Inc
(4) “Vidgolia (Deaf, Dumb & Blind)” © 1977 Gil Scott-Heron, Brian Jackson ℗ Brouhaha Music
(6) contains melody from “Will O’ the Wisp” © 1975 Steve Howe ℗ Wb Music Corp. O/B/O Topographic Music Ltd.
(7) “Well You Needn’t” © 1944 Thelonious Monk ℗ Regent Music Corporation

This CD compilation comprises of tracks produced by BRAIN GRIMMER. © 2013-2014 Brian Charles Grimm (BMI) ℗ 2015 GrimmusiK LLC (BMI). All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

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