Animals In Human Attire – South Pole Mountain Song Lyrics

Animals In Human Attire: Ourmegadawn

i came up fer a different point of view and every step among the mountain had its own
danger shadows hiding in recluse i could have easily just went and slipped the noose
but i came upon a mountain dwelling group who held the feathers of the eagles in there hearts
gave me some advice said try and watch the ice and you will hold your ground just fine

you’ve gotta think just like an eagle
to live like the wind
you gotta live just like the wind to be an eagle

i came across a lion stuck down in a hole who said “i used to be incredible”
but then one day i fell down in this hole and now im careless and im useless and yer next!
so i reached my hand down and tried to help him out he almost took my hand right off so took off on him and as i walked away from him i got down on my hands and i felt my wrinkles were growing deeper
the mountain had turned to sand and i couldn’t move

then i sank down to the bottom of the sea and neptune said god dammit jack you play the best guitar ive ever seen, but you live in a dream you live in a dream you live in dream you live in a dream and YOU’VE STILL GOT A MOUNTAIN TO CLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMB!!!


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