Animals In Human Attire – Hell Lyrics

Animals In Human Attire: Ourmegadawn

just last night i awoke from some different version of hell and i walked outside
i swear i could smell a fire from the weapons of mass desire
which you cradled in your hands so sweetly the idea like your higher on the scale than your typical liar a typical liar a typical liar your the typical kind

and baby the way that you’ve been singing the blues i’ve got a feeling this could take all night
and don’t deny that every second you lose has been intelligent by design don’t deny don’t deny


i appreciate the efforts in your clever schemes but don’t mind me i’m known to hide in signs of danger
im more accustomed to the ways of the stranger but i gave my position away
and piece by piece you went and sank me to the bottom f the lake and you now you watch me as i scatter
its time you learned that i was not fake i’m just me and i’m skeptical
cause your tricks are getting old

so could we take off all of clothes because id rather see your flaws than yer so called perfection
cause you crafted that field of smoke just like a dream and you blacked out the sky and seems you made a curtain for every eye to hide the truth from them
and though we never really made a difference
does anybody ever make a difference

i just fail to see the connection of what is seen and what is read between the lines
and now i’m just a singer of the blues oh no we have nothing in common
you are not a singer of the blues oh no we have nothing in common
and maybe one day you’ll see if anything was meant to be the right way
its wrong then

and if that day is someday soon well i just hope that i can say I’m right then right now
with my bad luck and a tough crowd ill be dreaming my name out
over the sea


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