Animals In Human Attire – Breaking Point Lyrics

Animals In Human Attire: Ourmegadawn

from the military’s point of view we were just animals in ancient catalytic designs
they arrived on time and got me wrong and crossed the line too many times
so many times i think we toppled the barriers
which beat my heart just like drum becoming of the personality where one will die another survives
i’m still alive and just in time to meet up with the cavalry and fight to the death forever more

now the winters on its way

its safer to send all of my summertime relations to the back of mind
they are the same kind
and what a shamed crime
they’re just talking bout the end of the world
were only humans
humans in the summer but beasts by the winter
beasts by the winter uh huh

what goes up
must come down
what goes up will come down someday soon
whats been wrapped up in a line takes a little time fore the truth don’t show on these
uncommon grounds
no they don’t
and someday soon even the moon will put a hole in the ground

you struggle like an animal joined together at the waist with different intentions
you speak in fire and ice and we were warming up the weather whenever we get it right

i miss the ocean
i miss the ocean
oh god dammit how i miss the ocean


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