mam253 – v/a – BREADFEST 2014 SAMPLER



BREADFEST Wristband – $25

A Note From Myles Coyne:

Hey Kitties,

We’re back! We’ve actually survived and made it back for another year of festivities (in the weirdest way possible). This year, we’re bringing together a larger variety of bands and friends to BREADFEST. Hell, there’s even an f-ing basketball tournament! I can only hope that it won’t rain, but what are you gonna do?

Here’s a small smidgen of a tidbit of the bands playing BREADFEST for your listening pleasure. I was really bummed personally that I had to leave out some tracks, and I’m just realizing that as I write this, and that sucks. I hope you check out the other bands online and at the festival. No worries!

If you didn’t know, we’re making 50 of these physically. The first 50 people who pick up a wristband will get one, and that’s it! Thanks to Mine All Mine for all the help. I still don’t know anything about audio, despite going to school for it, but maybe that shows the direction I’m taking.

I will, and shall always be, your friend.

– Myles Coyne (aka MOUSE CORN)

Editor’s Note:
Compiled by Myles Coyne.  Released as a joint effort between Mine All Mine Records and BREADKING. Myles dictated the above text like an old-timey businessman.

Make sure to buy yourself a wristband to BREADFEST 2014, which takes place July 31st to August 3rd. If you preorder it online, you can pick one up at the festival. I’m not sure why Myles didn’t mention any of that, but I’ve got your back.


Poster by Eliot Sell.

Track List:
01. Softly, Dear – Things I Say
02. The Island of Misfit Toys – The Cockroach Song
03. Soul Low – Wake Up Pains
04. Antler House – On the Rocks
05. Pushmi-Pullyu – Happy Birthday
06. The Fatty Acids – Flamingo Graveyard
07. WebsterX – Blue Dreams (Trippy Trebby) (prod. by Coffee Black)
08. Awkward Terrible – Five Years To Midnight
09. Calliope – ORBIS
10. Lousy Trouts – Towers (Aaaaaah)
11. Calamity Janes and the Fratney Street Band – Woo Hoo
12. Caley Conway and the Lucy Cukes – The President of Mental Health
13. WORK – The Scope Argument
14. Mortgage Freeman – San Antoine
15. Thriftones – Anywhere, USA
16. estates – Paint You in a Bad Light
17. Zebras – The Dirty Dice

Release Date:
17 June 2014

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