mam252 – Animals In Human Attire – Ourmegadawn



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The arrival of Ourmegadawn has been a long time coming. Despite frequent appearances in Riverwest and the general Milwaukee area, Ourmegadawn is the first proper album since Animals In Human Attire’s 2011 self-titled outing.

Members of the band spread their talents amongst various local acts (including Temple, Myles Coyne & the Rusty Nickel Band, The Zelda Routine, and others), but this specific arrangement of BREADKING frequenters drives a particular sound with vocals by Jack Tell steering the ensemble.

Beyond all else, Ourmegadawn is fun. It’s eight tracks of head-bobbing, folk-informed indie rock, and like all things BREADKING, Animals In Human Attire takes a punk approach to the whole album.

Recorded and mixed at Howl Street Recordings by Shane Hochstetler. Mastered by Carl Saff. Album art by Jack Tell.

A Note from Jack of AIHA:
I speak for all of us when I say how great it feels to finally have this album released. It’s been an incredible learning experience and an incredibly crazy time thus far. We thank the following…

BREADKING COLLECTIVE!! Steve Roche, Eliot Sell, Tyler Maas, Piet Levy, Chris Thunder, Jim Linneman and Linneman’s Riverwest Inn, JoJo, Cassidy DW, Shane Hoschettler, Carl Saff, Rob Hickey, John Van Lieshout, Danielle Hanson, Vic Buell, Al Kraemer, Fun TV, Calliope, John Praw, Ugly Brothers, Caley Conway and the Lucy Cukes, Midwest Death Rattle, 88.9, Wade’s Guitar Shop, ANYONE WHO PLAYS ZELDA! Wesley Cathon, Bridgette McQuillan, Jamie Yanda, John Larkin, Brandon Miller, TJ Matzen, Soul Low, Shoot Down the Moon, Ugly Brothers, Fatty Acids, Hotel Foster, 91.7 WMSE, Yield Bar, Mine All Mine Records, Pushmi-Pullyu, Foo, D’amato, Dan Mitchell, KASEN RUMPFFFF!!!! MIKE SWAN!!! All our friends at the Frantey Estate.

A special thanks to the moon and gravity (without it, this would have been a lot harder to accomplish), Han Solo, Guitar Solos, Luke Skywalker, early Weezer, THE CITY OF MILWAUKEE!!! Our neighbors and everyone who’s ever played at our house or came to a show, all of our close friends, family and everyone else who has given us support over the years. Your love means everything to us.

Charlie Tell, Micheal Tell and Peter Tell, thank you for being my little bros and our biggest supporters of all. You’re the best.

Track List:
01. Antfarm
02. South Pole Mountain Song
03. Sun Machines
04. Wind Waker
05. Hell
06. Breaking Point
07. Cathexis
08. Sleep Talking In Uneven Dreams (Batman)

Release Date:
11 April 2014

Download Options:
Bandcamp Pre-order ($8 Minimum)
Murfie CD + Digital Pre-order ($10)


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