mam250 – Kitty Rhombus – Gentle Shotgun Single

Kitty Rhombus - Gentle Shotgun

Gentle Shotgun is the first single by dual-city rockers Kitty Rhombus released in anticipation of the band’s upcoming full-length album, Spectre at the Feast.  Recorded over the course of a year driving back and forth between Madison and Minneapolis, Spectre at the Feast hits hard and builds on the insanity of Kitty Rhombus’ previous album, 2010’s Lips & Arms.

Spectre at the Feast expands on the band’s character, and their unwillingness to stick with a single idea longer than necessary allows Kitty Rhombus to fill the album with surprises from start to finish.  It’s a fun and engaging album to say the least, and Gentle Shotgun is just a taste of what to expect when Kitty Rhombus drops the full album with shows in the band’s two home cities.  Spectre at the Feast is being released on CD, tape and in digital formats.

Madison Album Release (15 Feb. 2014)
The Frequency: $5, 9:30 PM
Kitty Rhombus w/ Czarbles, William Z. Villain, TBA

Minneapolis Album Release (1 Mar. 2014)
Hexagon Bar: FREE, 9:30 PM
Kitty Rhombus w/ Wage Theft, Hardcore Crayons, Mrs.

[Pre-Order Spectre at the Feast]

A Word from Kitty Rhombus:
Album construction group soapbox poundings, dangerous fingerprints on the explosive cords, a ghastly quest for strings leading to lapping waves of warm blood brothers, surgical soundtracks on ancient Cubase in a hole sweet hole basement, handled with precision together Kitty Rhombus take shape in 2014 U.S.A.

gentle shotgun in the brain

the headpin zinged
the door released
the disenlocked twin

a frisson of static in the teeth
clutched on live copper wire,
jaw shunted shut

gentle shotgun in the brain
thin sensual frog muscle
niched in gentle shotgun hertz.

a frisson of static in the teeth
in the root
jaw shunted shut

Editor’s Note:
Single art by John Praw.  Lettering by Ian Stenlund.

Track List:
01. Gentle Shotgun

Release Date:
20 January 2014

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Spectre at the Feast


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