mam248 – Us, Today // Lovely Socialite Split

Us, Today / Lovely Socialite

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Digital (Bandcamp) – $5 Minimum
Cassette Tape + Download – $6

Editor’s Note:
Mine All Mine is excited to bring together two of our absolute favorite jazz rock outfits for this exclusive cassette split (+ digital download).

Us, Today (CINCINNATI) and Lovely Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps (MADISON) both create original tunes that are equally experimental and accessible at the same time, something few acts can successfully pull off. This is no surprise, however, knowing the bands’ considerable combined years of music education. The bottom line is that both groups know what they are doing, and they do it well.

Us, Today (guitar, drums, vibes) start out with Long Since Forgotten, a tune that starts out rather laid back, but grows steadily with determined bursts over its 6-minute duration. What follows is Violent Proclivity, which features subtle, subdued vibes and guitar that really highlight some intense drum work.

Lovely Socialite (bass, trombone, cellos, pipa, vibes, drums, flute) fill their side with the 11+ minute track All Things At Once. Recorded during tracking of the band’s upcoming sophomore album, All Things At Once is a free improvisation that sees the band taking off with out-there rock grooves.

Purchase of this cassette split includes download of two exclusive remixes of the split by Nude Human (Pat Reinholz of Lovely Socialite & John Praw of Pushmi-Pullyu).

Us, Today is Kristin Agee, Joel Griggs and Jeff Mellott.
Lovely Socialite is Brian Grimm, Mike Koszewski, Corey Murphy, Pat Reinholz, Abe Sorber and Ben Willis.
Album art by John Praw Kruse featuring textures by Nikki Gibson.

Track List:
A1. Us, Today – Long Since Forgotten
A2. Us, Today – Violent Proclivity
B1. Lovely Socialite – All Things At Once

Download Only Bonus:
01. Us, Today – Long Since Forgotten (Nude Human Remix)
02. Lovely Socialite – All Things At Once (Nude Human Remix)

Release Date:
8 November 2013

Download Options:
Bandcamp ($5 Minimum)

UT // LS Tape Shot


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