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Mine All Mine and GrimmusiK present COLIAS 1, the first in a new series of ambient releases that started with a simple prompt: “What does ambient music mean to you?  The result is a compilation of heard and unheard material from the minds of Madison’s most prolific experimenters (with regional and national guests).

COLIAS 1 features new music from John Praw, Brain Grimmer, Silas “Be” Ritchie (featuring Brian Tairaku Ritchie), Troy Schafer, DB Pedersen, Wayfaraway (Karsten Osterby of Sleepy Lesbos), Kathleen Baird (of Spires That in the Sunset Rise), Gregory Taylor, Ben Willis and more.

Of particular interest is the number of musicians releasing their first ambient compositions on the compilation.  COLIAS 1 features tracks from new comers like Corey Murphy (of Pushmi-Pullyu and Lovely Socialite), William Z. Villain, Asumaya, and others.  Also included are ambient pieces by hip-hop producer *hitmayng and experimental pop musician eskimeaux.

The compilation was produced as a collaboration between Mine All Mine Records and GrimmusiK, and released as a limited edition two disc physical release.  Packaging design and album art provided by John Praw of Mine All Mine with help from Brian Grimm of GrimmusiK.

Disc 1:
01.  Nude Human – Nude Human 1 (Live Excerpt)
02.  Wayfaraway – Nights
03.  bell monks – let the waves carry us (part II)
04.  Kurva Choir – Love in a mist/ devil in the bush
05.  Pat R. Feat. Emily Brown – meadii
06.  Asumaya – Cooking at Night (ft Widnaba Club)
07.  Kathleen Baird – The Invention of Truth
08. Brain Grimmer – Well, I Think I Would Want To Say…
09.  Melancholy Elephants – Wet Dream
10.  William Z. Villain – Bomb Goes Büm
11.  eskimeaux – The Result
12.  James Mooney – Piute. Gambling song; Arapaho No. 67 (1894 July 5)

Disc 2:
01.  John Praw – fevrr (ft bwc)
02.  Gregory Taylor – Lambat Awan [slendro]
03.  Shawn Kenneth Pierce – Foxgloves and Weeds
04.  *hitmayng – Sydney
05.  Corey Murphy – Life’s Too Short to Wind Clocks
06.  Dressed Up – Nobody But Batman
07.  Silas “Be” Ritchie feat. Brian Tairaku Ritchie (Shakuhachi) – Laborious Breath
08.  Brothers Grimm & DB Pedersen – Ladder Study 1 (Alice Cooper’s Tears)
09.  Troy Schafer – Untitled
10.  A.Rex – Champagne Dick
11.  Thollem Electric – [excerpt] Sudden Sound Series: live at Krannert Art Museum
12.  Ben Willis – Agatha
13.  Unidentified Chimes Performer – Home, sweet home (1899 September 15)

Release Date:
26 April 2013

Download Options:
Purchase (Bandcamp – $5 Minimum)

Release Show:
Bright Red Studios: $7 Entry + CD, $5 Entry Only, All Ages
Bros. Grimm + DB Pedersen (MADISON)


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