mam227 – The Brothers Grimm – Redolent Spires

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Redolent Spires is a full-length album in two parts by Madison-based experimental improvisors, composers and brothers, AJ and BC Grimm.  The first part is a six-movement suite for cello and guitar, composed and performed as a live score for THE LIVES OF CUT FLOWERS, which premiered May 2011 at the Indy Fringe Theater by paperStrangers Dance/Theater co.  The second part is comprised of nine improvisations in four different tunings for guitar and guqin.

Editor’s Note:
The description above is just a brief look at what to expect.  Check out the full description on the bandcamp download page, including more information on tunings, modes, and the guqin, an ancient seven-stringed bridgeless zither.

Album art by Joshua Newland.

Track List:
01. Dance 1 viola odorata
02. Dance 2 viola tricolor
03. Dance 3 ruta
04. Dance 4 aquilegia alphina
05. Dance 5 bellis perennis
06. Dance 6 paeonia
07. 精霊の踊り (Dance Ghosts, Spirits)
08. ほら穴の踊ってる映り (Dance of Cavernous Reflections)
09. Rondeña, pa darte las gracias
10. 空へ歌った踊り (Dance Voiced at the Sky)
11. Stochastic Contexture: Heads
12. 風と常緑, その間、踊れ (Evergreen and Wind, Between Them, Dance)
13. Stochastic Contexture: Tails
14. Chakpur

Release Date:
8 June 2012

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