mam211 – v/a – The Project Lodge 2012 Compilation


Compiled in late 2011 and released in early 2012, The Project Lodge 2012 Compilation was given out as a Kickstarter bonus for a campaign to help save the Project Lodge, a DIY venue in Madison, Wisconsin.  Mine All Mine Records released the physical compilation, which included eight tracks from Madison bands close to the venue.  An extended mix featuring 33 local artists was offered online by the Project Lodge.

Album art by Daniella Echeverria.

Track List:
01.  Julian Lynch – Natalie Barney Scene
02.  Man Mantis – Plexippus
03.  All Tiny Creatures – Higgs Boson
04.  Control – Feast and the Seven Days Following
05.  Crane Your Swan Neck – Comeback (Tonight We Won’t Die Alone)
06.  The United Sons of Toil – Memetic Contagion
07.  Pioneer – Memorial Day
08.  Tom Teslik – I Always Thought You Figured Why I’m Blue

Release Date:
21 January 2012

Download Options:
Streaming Only (Bandcamp)
Streaming Only (Bandcamp; Extended Mix)


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