mam208 – Fambly Fun! – Best Xmas Ever!

It’s no secret that Fambly Fun! celebrates Christmas over 360 days of the year, but this year, Madison’s premier goof-hop band is sending you this greeting card in the form of the Best Xmas Ever! EP.  You need no further proof than this collection of fire-side carols to see that no one loves Christmas (and it’s associated holiday celebrations) more than the Fambly!

Track List:
01. We Wish You A Fuckin’ Christmas
02. Christmas, Oh!
03. Prezints!
04. Jingle Hex
05. Choo Choo
06. Little Drummer Bounce
07. Best Xmas Ever!

Release Date:
25 December 2011

Download Options:
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FLAC (Direct)
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One thought on “mam208 – Fambly Fun! – Best Xmas Ever!

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