mam201 – Placement – Collected Locations

Placement make thier debut on Mine All Mine Records with Collected Locations, a set of rarities, one-offs and compilations tracks recorded between September 2008 and July 2010.  Light and airy ambient pieces are a perfect reminder of summer as winter creeps up.

Photography by LGY.  Mastered by Amati Studios for the Lime Green Yellow Recording Company.

Track List:
01. Summer Bathers In A Sky Blue Pool
02. 33 On The Evening Tide
03. If On A Winter’s Night
04. Between Announcements
05. At Dusk, In Gardens Of Araby
06. Flicker Fish
07. The Groves Above The Lagoon
08. Lush Ribbons (with Antonio de Braga)
09. Confined To Moorings

Release Date:
29 Nov 2011

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