mam190 – Pat’s Wife – Wildcat

Pat’s Wife is a new ambient project by Robin Hewson and Nick Petrarca.  This debut, titled simply “Wildcat”, goes down smooth and fills your bones.  Relax, or sit intently, taking in the nuances.

Editor’s Note:
Recorded in Nick Petrarca’s basement in January of 2011 onto cassette using a Tascam 414.  Mastered on the computer.

Track List:
01.  Call Me, Marry Me
02.  Arlen
03.  You Are A Repeater
04.  Mr. Patience Of A Flood
05.  Dizzy Standing
06.  Take My Jewelry
07.  Salty Love In An Empty Tub

Release Date:
9 August 2011

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5 thoughts on “mam190 – Pat’s Wife – Wildcat

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