mam188 – Fambly Fun! – The Machine

A year in the making, The Machine is finally here! The Fambly is proud to present this epic concept album (a hip-hopra, if you will). Listen to the band’s heaviest jams yet as they tell the tale of an octopus, a robotic unicorn, Michael Jordan and more!

Editor’s Note:
This album features The Fambly, with Art Paul Schlosser (as The Rooster), Hyphon (as The Machine), Sam Harmet (mandolin) and Luke Annear (drums).  Recorded in Madison at Das Krakhaus, MMI and Studio B Music (with the assistance of Dan Szafranek & Ben Cameron).  Album art by Joe Ludwig with design by The Fambly.

Track List:
01. Rock It, Science
02. To Thicken The Plot
03. Hot Lunch
04. To Float Before Sinking
05. Brainshovel
06. Rock it Reprise
07. Code
08. Octopus Laserfeet
09. The Rooster III
10. It Speaks
11. Bad Days Wolf
12. The Rooster IV
13. Roll The Credits
14. (Basket) Balls
15. Jordan

Release Date:
27 July 2011

Download Options:
Bandcamp ($4 or more)
Physical CD ($5)


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