mam145 – v/a – Umbrella

Umbrella is a compilation of music by Madison-based musicians.  Covering a wide range of styles, this disc has been created for sale at the first ever Umbrella Music Festival in Madison, Wisconsin – Thursday, December 9th at 7 PM at the Memorial Union Rathskeller.  All sales directly benefit SlaveFree Madison.  Learn more about this anti-human trafficking organization here.

Editor’s Note:
We would like to give a special thanks to all of the artists below for donating their work to benefit victims of human trafficking and other sex crimes in the Madison, Wisconsin area.  We encourage you to click the names below and learn more about these generous artists.

Another big thanks goes to Stumptown Printers, who donated the packaging used for this release.  Learn about their unique and beautiful packaging solutions here.

This release features album art by the amazing Joe Ludwig.  See more of his crazy creations here.

And last-but-not-least, thank you to Lindsey Ballo for asking us to be a part of this festival.

Track List:
01.  All Tiny Creatures – Comets
02.  Meteorade – Supercharged
03.  Fambly Fun! – Bad Days Wolf
04.  The Count – Wishing
05.  Tom Teslik – Get To Know You Song
06.  Venice Gas House Trolley – Brain Cells Are Invisible
07.  el-tin fun – Lilac Song
08.  Coney Island – The Golden Hour
09.  K. Wilhelm – Island
10.  Pushmi-Pullyu – My Umbrella
11.  John Praw – Panic

Release Date:
9 December 2010

Download Options:
This release was created for sale at the first ever Umbrella Music Festival in Madison.  All proceeds go to SlaveFree Madison.

This release is not available for download.


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