mam137 – Fambly Fun! – Platinum & Gold Collection

Twelve of Fambly Fun!’s most excellent recordings, remixes, previews and classics come together for the first time ever in the Platinum & Gold Collection.  Unheard material, fan favorites and rarities are all featured in this very special album.

Editor’s Note:
This release was made in limited quantities and given away as prizes at The Frequency in Madison during the Mine All Mine Records Band Bingo night on Sunday, November 7th, 2010.

Track List:
01.  Boy’s March!
02.  Rising Up! (Machine Preview)
03.  The Hex! (Pushmi-Pullyu Remix)
04.  Dorkling 1999!
05.  When I Grow Up!
06.  Crack Money!
07.  Fambly Destruction!
08.  Octopus Lazerfeet! (Machine Preview)
09.  Once Uponatime!
10.  Values!
11.  Fambly Werewolf!
12.  Fambly Destruction! (Spin Drive Smasher Remix)

Release Date:
7 November 2010

Download Options:
This release was given away as a prize only and is not available for download.


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