mam130 – el-tin fun – sunburned skeptics

Madison indie favorite el-tin fun is back again with yet another solid full-length.  el-tin fun creates music that falls somewhere between outsider music and everything you’ve ever known.  What sets “sunburned skeptics” apart from the rest of el-tin’s oeuvre: this album seems to most accurately capture the band’s current live sound (that’s not to say they don’t embellish here and there).  If you’ve never had the chance to check out el-tin fun live, this is the album for you.

Editor’s Note:
Check back soon for a link to buy the actual disc from el-tin fun themselves.

Track List:
01.  skulls shaken
02.  mouth of bees
03.  a sunburned skeptic
04.  sweet sweedums
05.  kila kila eyes
06.  a pink nativity (scene)
07.  cactus flower and the willameans
08.  helicopter freeekouts
09.  sticking with the ocean

Release Date:
21 September 2010

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3 thoughts on “mam130 – el-tin fun – sunburned skeptics

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