mam128 – Ben John Robertson – City Lights

mam128 - Ben John Robertson - City Lights

Once again, mam!records is proud to present a newcomer to the label who already fits in.  Ben John Robertson creates soothing ambient pieces, and this release is no exception.  In City Lights, expect epic, organ-based minimalist soundscapes.  Pieces flow from one to another over the course of this 8-track album.

Editor’s Note:
Make sure to show Ben John Robertson some love in the comments below, and hopefully we’ll see him here again.

Track List:
01.  Skylines On Fire
02.  Flush And Cold
03.  City Lights Glow Like You Glow
04.  Imagine A World
05.  Imagine This World
06.  Burn For Me, Burn Bright, Burn Bright
07.  The Street Life Of Investment Bankers
08.  Parade Season

Release Date:
11 August 2010

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
FLAC (Direct)


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