mam126 – FUR – Fur

mam126 - FUR - Fur

FUR‘s debut self-titled EP is a wonderfully executed combination of the best parts of the indie, pop and shoegaze genres.  We are happy to re-release this three-track EP, which was originally self-released by the Detroit-based band.  The highlight of the EP is definitely Foxtrotsky.  Check it out!

Editor’s Note:
This release is the fifth and final release of our first ever Lightning Round Week.  We’re happy to welcome FUR to the mam!records family, and we hope you let them know what you think!  Download or stream it from the bandcamp widget above.

Make sure to check out their website for more free downloads and info on catching them live.

Track List:
01.  Here’s to the Angels
02.  Pretty Thoughts
03.  Foxtrotsky

Release Date:
6 August 2010

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
FLAC (Direct)


6 thoughts on “mam126 – FUR – Fur

  1. I like this so far… Foxtrotsky sounds a bit like a relaxed, low key version of Dredge or maybe Muse though I don’t know them that well… anyway, yeah it’s cool, I love the drumming, it’s pretty un-shoegazey but that’s part of the appeal.

  2. You guys can thank my buddy Corey for this one. I wasn’t sure if it would really fit with some of the other stuff we release, but Corey liked it. It was definitely the right choice. It’s grown on me a lot.

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